2021 Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Project

Design trends are continually shifting as people are always on the lookout for new ideas and styles. Keeping current with popular techniques and concepts helps you stay relevant and prosperous.

With soft tones, natural elements and monochrome color schemes, the designs of 2021 are calming yet innovative. Check out this year’s popular methods to find inspiration for your next project.

Nature Themes

This year, we see more nature-inspired artwork using soft, organic elements. Marketing materials produced with trendy earth tone colors and leafy patterns are popular now as consumers relate to organic designs’ look and feel. This current graphic trend utilizes simple, clean layouts to foster a sense of serenity, rejuvenation and growth.

People are connecting more with nature for many reasons. Combining bold organic shapes with striking florals and other natural components creates desirable printed visuals.

Muted Color Palettes

In harmony with the natural trend, the use of muted colors produces calming designs. These soft, light tones inspire feelings of nostalgia, safety and security. With many concerns and stressors globally, people gravitate toward these gentle, understated, more approachable shades.

Bright hues can feel loud and abrasive. Create a soft look by reducing the color saturation. Organic palettes work for various printing projects and add a professional, quality and expensive feel that is sometimes lacking in brilliant color schemes.

Geometric Shapes

Circles, squares and triangles add visual structure to your designs. Combine these simple elements with images to produce a more elaborate appearance. Layer flat shapes into abstract compositions or build 3D creations with shadows, depth and gradients. You can use this technique in all your printing projects, such as greeting cards, packaging and business cards.

Monochrome and Duotone Design Trends

A limited color scheme creates a smooth, modern appeal. This method works well for minimalist creations, providing a clear focus for the viewer. Monochrome palettes and duotone gradients allow you to provide structure, consistency and style. With this technique, you can add your brand’s colors to photographs of landscapes, people or products, creating recognizable marketing, signage and packaging. This effect is an excellent way to tie many elements together in a cohesive manner.

Typography Revolution

Chaotic, experimental typography is the trend in 2021. There is less focus on readability and more emphasis on striking layouts and formatting. Visually appealing words grab people’s attention. Experimenting with bold typography, varying scales or unique placements make your information stand out. This technique is increasingly popular in brochures, posters and banners. This year skip the status quo and get creative with your typography.

Metallic Embellishments

This 2021 trend gives an element of luxury to your printed projects. Adding gold and copper foils to your creations results in an elegant, modern expression. Create invitations, stationery, business cards and packages that shine to elevate your products’ look.

Metallic lines are currently popular in homes and commercial spaces, while sparkling filters are the favorite on social media platforms, making this trend appealing in various industries. While typically paired with minimalist designs, we see more unique applications of foiling from designers every day.

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