4 Advantages of Self-Publishing and Print-On-Demand Services

What are you interested in writing? That is a question that often leads to uncomfortable silences at writers’ conferences because students of writing are always taught to write with an audience in mind. Without an audience, a person’s creative work is invisible. Without a general appeal, it is nearly impossible to find publishers willing to risk the investment for printing a book. Thankfully, the marketplace is not as strict as some writing programs and publishing houses. The book and printing industries are no longer being driven by only a few select publishing houses. More and more, authors are finding their voice and their audience through print on demand book printing services and self-publishing. There are at least four advantages to such services for the aspiring writer and author.

1. Creative Flexibility and Control

The primary reason to self-publish is creative control. Publishing houses often want to edit with a specific audience in mind, which is OK, but sometimes that editing comes at the expense of the artist’s voice, the one thing that differentiates them from every other writer in the market.

Self-publishing places the artist in the driver’s seat, allowing them to set the tone for their piece and design a book that fits their original vision. The best part is that print-on-demand services mean that an author does not need to purchase an enormous inventory, putting themselves at financial risk.

2. Pricing Control 

Many authors want their books to be accessible to the masses, meaning they do not want their stories to be priced between $20 and $30. Unfortunately, when publishing through a publishing house, the price is out of your control, and the higher markup is typically necessary to cover production, design, and editorial costs and still secure a profit.

Self-publishing means that you control most aspects of the design and printing process. You can determine the style of printing and the bottom line for your book and your audience. By eliminating the middlemen, you can price your book at what you deem to be a fair price.

3. Greater Profits

In addition to pricing control, you can see larger profits from self-published book sales. As stated, the costs rolled into the final price of your work when printing through a publishing house includes multiple services and people. Self-publishing limits the expenses, meaning you only need to pay for the printing service. You get anything above that nominal fee.

4. Audience Portal

Even if your dream is to publish through a publishing house, many houses do not work with unknown authors, especially if they do not have an existing audience. Self-publishing provides the opportunity to find your audience. You can publish your first few works on your own, establish your niche and audience, and then approach the larger houses for publication.

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The world of book publishing is changing. Many authors are finding their voice in the independent marketplace before finding success with larger publishing houses. If you are interested in self-publishing and on-demand printing services, contact Quality Printing to get your custom quote.

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