5 Tips for Creating Business Flyers That Get Read

Ever notice how some business flyers grab your attention and compel you to read them while others go straight in your recycle bin? The ones you notice are designed to capture your eye with the right mix of text, colors, photos, and graphics. Here are five tips to creating business flyers that get read.

1. Add Some Color

Color always attracts attention, especially in advertisements. Use full-color printing whenever it is in your budget. Go with your brand colors or select shades that complement your ad, such as reds and oranges for a hot sale or blues and greens to talk about a relaxing product.

2. Write Engaging Content

Content is still king in advertising, and you want yours to be interesting, entertaining, or educational to your reader. Come up with a catchy headline that makes the reader want to learn more about your offer. You don’t have much space for text in your flyer, so keep your message short. Always proofread your words one final time to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Pixelated or blurry graphics and images make advertisements look unprofessional and may cause your customers to question how committed your company is to quality. Make sure the photos and graphics you use are high-resolution, so they look sharp on your flyer.

4. Design an Attractive Layout

Once you have your colors, content, and images ready, it’s time to place them on the page in a layout that’s attractive to your readers. For your text, use no more than three fonts that are easy to read and blend well together. Choose a large one for your heading and medium size for your text. Select an italic font or a different color to highlight any information you want to stand out.

Break up your text into small sections that are easy for the reader to skim and scan and quickly digest the information. Keep any paragraphs small and opt for bullet points whenever possible.

Try out a few different layout ideas for your text, images, and graphics until you find the one that looks the best. Use the concept of white space, leaving a bit of blank space around all your copy and images, so the reader’s eyes are drawn in by an uncluttered page.

For best results, work with a design consultant for expert help on your flyer’s layout.

5. Include Your Contact Information

Once your flyer has convinced a customer to purchase your product or service, it needs to tell them how to find your business. Always include your company name, physical or web address, telephone number, and email address in your advertisement.

Why Going the Extra Mile Makes All the Difference

Following these tips will help you create an attractive business flyer that customers want to read and take action on. In addition, taking the extra time on your advertisement gives you a better return on your marketing budget.

We’re Pros at Creating Business Flyers

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