7 Tips for Making Great Business Flyers

Even in the age of digital marketing using flyers to promote your company stands the test of time. Business flyers are still a powerful advertising tool for promoting new items and specials, providing product information, announcing your sales events, and letting people know where they can buy your products or access your services.

Designing an effective business flyer can help you reach more customers and improve your bottom line. Check out our seven tips for creating quality flyers that grab attention.

1. Determine Your Goal

Before you start creating a flyer, you need to pinpoint your objective. Having a clear focus helps you maximize your available advertising space to convey relevant information effectively.

2. Make It Short and Sweet

You have limited space on your business flyer, so write concise content that the reader can easily digest. Don’t overwhelm people with too many details. You want to provide only essential information that focuses on the benefits of your services or products.

3. Create a Memorable Headline

Get people’s attention by choosing your headline carefully. You want to hook the reader so they read more of your message. Use powerful words like: now, offer, quick, easy, announcing, introducing, unlock, amazing, remarkable, proven, or time-sensitive.

4. Design Easy-to-Read Sections

The layout of your text impacts your reader’s interest. You want to create chunks of text with surrounding white space to make it easy for someone to understand your information quickly. Divide content into a pleasing design using infographics and bullet points.

At Quality Printing, we have easy-to-use templates that help you organize your ad. We also have professional designers who can create layouts that maximize your flyer’s marketing potential.

5. Incorporate Your Branding

Make it simple for people to recognize your business. Use consistent branding throughout your marketing efforts by adding your logo, business colors, and other elements. You’ll increase your brand awareness, making it easy for customers to recall your company and products.

6. Include a Call to Action

A call to action prompts your reader to take the next step. It’s crucial to always include this element in your marketing flyers. Use action words, like:

  • Shop now
  • Get started
  • Sign up
  • Learn more
  • Claim your offer
  • Contact us
  • Discover how

Keep your call to action simple and include your relevant business details, such as your phone number or website address. Add a QR code for readers to scan, taking them directly to your landing page.

7. Choose the Right Materials

Make sure you select a durable, high-quality paper stock for your business flyer. Since customers will physically hold your flyers in their hands, you want them to last. Also, consider adding paper coatings to protect your ad further and create a more striking design.

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