How To Optimize Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

Sending out postcards through direct mail services is effective because postcards target specific audiences, rely on personalized marketing, and tap into nostalgia for added emotional appeal. In addition, businesses find direct mail postcards to be a preferable form of marketing. That’s because of their streamlined messaging and delivery system, plus the ability to track effectiveness in multiple ways. Learn more about how you can optimize your postcard marketing campaign.

Target Specific Audiences 

Thanks to census information and city-wide records, you can target specific audiences that may be more apt to seek out your business. By identifying your potential customers, you can build an address list and send out postcards. If you already have a base audience, continue updating your list of customers as they grow and change. Encourage customers to update their contact information in exchange for perks, points, or vouchers.

Personalize Your Marketing 

Postcard marketing is also an intelligent way to bring customers back to your business. You can send a postcard saying “Wish you were here” or “We’ve missed you.” If you track customer purchases through a rewards system, as you should, then you’ll be able to send specific coupons or benefits that apply directly to the customers you’re reaching. While many postcard campaigns are mass marketing, you can still add a personal touch for effect.

Provide Timely Communication 

The signal-to-noise ratio in a growing digital and global economy can be overwhelming. Without expert marketing and laser focus on your audience, your message may be delayed. To avoid a potential delay in reaching your customers, you can double up on the communication with a multi-pronged approach. For example, sending out postcards in addition to a digital reminder will help get the message out for time-sensitive deals, sales, and promotions.

Track Effectiveness

Track the effectiveness of your campaign with postcards that include QR codes or are printed with promotions. If your postcard campaign involves both, you can use a duplicate software system to eliminate double entries.

QR codes can be effective for offering promotional information. However, you may lose some of your less digitally inclined audience with only a QR code. To keep it safe, include a QR code and print the promotion on the flip side of the postcard. These are easy ways to track the utility of postcard marketing for your business.

Social media participation is also a great way to track postcard effectiveness. Including a QR code that directs and leads customers to a social media prompt with your goods or services, tagging participation or purchase, can bring in an entirely new audience. You can track the effectiveness of this crossover campaign by creating a specific tag or postcard QR campaign instructions.

To learn more about how your business can incorporate postcards into your marketing campaign, contact Quality Printing for more information or to request a quote.

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